social media installations

Creating installations that will entice guests at your event to use social media to advertise your brand is our speciality. 

The following film is an expo for Fendi where we created the content and managed over 60 screens. We also created 3 social media installations so that visitors could film themselves in a Fendi setting:

  1. An Alfa Romeo set in a green studio, where visitors could sit in the driver’s seat and see themselves driving through iconic Fendi sets.
  2. An infinity installation, which always shows the visitor in the distance. An extra screen was running the same footage with a 20 second delay so visitors could film themselves afterwards.
  3. A replica of the Fendi headquarters in Rome, where every window becomes a screen. A small green screen stage was set up to show visitors’ faces in the windows.

The exhibition was intended to last 3 months but was extended by 3 months due to its huge success.

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